Beneath the Ground

Beneath the Ground

Beneath the Ground, edited by Joel Lane, includes thirteen stories of the mystery and terror that wait beneath the ground. Here are tales that explore the transition between our world and the tunnels and mines beneath. Tales that reveal what creatures dwell far from the light of day. And tales that explore the far reaches of human destiny in the unlit land of the dead. Prepare yourself to take the first steps … beneath the ground.

ISBN 978-0-9532260-5-4


  • Introduction: No Map and No Guide by Joel Lane
  • The End of a Summer’s Day by Ramsey Campbell
  • In the Tunnels by Pauline E Dungate
  • Tomb of the Janissaries by David Sutton
  • The Empty Room by Tim Lebbon
  • ‘Where Once I Did My Love Beguile’ by John Howard
  • Going Underground by Mike McKeown
  • Lost and Found by Simon Avery
  • Grendel’s Lair by Paul Finch
  • From the Hearth by D F Lewis
  • Nights at the Regal by Jason Gould
  • Empty Stations by Nicholas Royle
  • The Stone Man by Derek Fox
  • To Walk in Midnight’s Realm by Simon Bestwick

Cover illustration by Jim Pitts; frontispiece by Dave Carson.

Originally published at £10.99 — Now out of print!