Does nicotine gum help to quit smoking

Does nicotine gum help to quit smoking

Such specialized gum becomes an alternative to smoking cigarettes for one reason: it contains nicotine. The doses are calculated by doctors and scientists, whose services are used by the manufacturers of such products. This means that they can only conditionally be called “healthier” than smoking. Such gum is an element of nicotine replacement therapy, which is designed to get rid of a person’s addiction. It should be understood that this is not an addiction therapy, because nicotine itself is toxic. And when it enters the blood while chewing such gum, it is impossible to say that the human body does not suffer. However, the advantage of such a remedy is the fact that the body does not get various tar and carcinogenic substances, which a person gets from an ordinary cigarette. This means that nicotine gum can still be called a safer option.

If it is very difficult to quit smoking on your own, then the gum will be a great solution. It is even often recommended as therapy in the United States. After all, the nicotine obtained this way, despite its toxicity, does not cause cancer, which, in fact, is the main danger of traditional smoking. You can buy such gum and other drug options here

How it works

When smoking in the traditional way, nicotine enters the brain through the lungs and is quickly absorbed. It takes about 20 seconds. With gum, the process will take longer. We have a rather large vascular plexus under our tongue. It is through this that nicotine will enter when you chew. First into the surface vessels, then into the blood. In this case, it takes about 20 minutes for the nicotine to reach the brain. So you can’t expect a lightning effect from chewing gum. It is worth realizing that nicotine that enters the body this way still retains its toxic properties. Its impact can cause serious disorders in the human body: from organ failure to cellular destruction. That is why you should not use the chewing gum longer than the time allowed by the instructions. 

It is worth considering that nicotine gum is not recommended for use by pregnant women, because the effects of nicotine on fetal development will be as negative as those of traditional smoking. In addition, the target organs for nicotine are the most important systems: the cardiovascular system, the liver, and the brain. Chewing gum itself can also be detrimental to health: due to its frequent use, stomach ulcer can develop, other negative manifestations of gastroenterological problems are noted, dental enamel often suffers.

Follow the rules

The use of nicotine replacement therapy should always be carried out under the supervision of a specialist: a psychologist or a narcologist. In addition, you should strictly follow the instructions and not abuse such a remedy. If, however, suddenly, which happens very rarely, an addiction has formed or an overdose is noted, there is only one way out: go to a specialist, they will help to cope with the problem. Also note that this method can not be called a panacea. Studies conducted more than 30 years ago showed that people in the control group, who used nicotine gum instead of cigarettes, for some time after the end of the experiment – literally within six months – started smoking again.

Today, doctors often recommend using nasal nicotine sprays instead of gum. A person simply inhales them and gets the same effect as an ordinary cigarette. However, it should be understood that here, too, a person does not get rid of his addiction. It will be just as hard to give up the spray as it is to give up cigarettes. If you are looking for effective medications at affordable prices, you should visit