Blog What you should know about video poker

What you should know about video poker

In fact, video poker is a “mixture” of a slot machine and the famous card game – 5-card poker with the exchange. Real slot machines are equipped with the usual buttons for betting and moves, all winning combinations and payouts are brought together in a special table, but the machine screen instead of rotating drums …

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Blog How to implement DevOps

How to implement DevOps

Even heavyweight mastodons (banks, oil and gas, engineering and other industries) are seduced by the benefits that Agile in general and DevOps in particular promises. So the question about implementation is not “To be or not to be?” but “How to do it well, quickly, simply and not too expensive?” Like any idea, DevOps cannot …

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Blog Trade in natural gas on an industrial scale

Trade in natural gas on an industrial scale

Natural gas is an extremely interesting resource that can be used in various enterprises as raw material or fuel. In fact, this material has long been widespread in Ukraine, so it is worth saying openly that it is natural gas that constantly needs proper control by the state. The natural gas trade has often been …

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Blog Internet dating

Internet dating

What photos to add to the questionnaire? First of all, men from Reno singles and other sites are looking at your profile. An acquaintance with a woman or a girl by correspondence begins with the photo you have placed. If your photo is fuzzy, blurred, you can’t see your face on it, men will most …

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Blog Hemp oil for beauty of face, body and hair

Hemp oil for beauty of face, body and hair

Natural hemp oil is a real gift of nature, which will replace a lot of purchased funds. It’s time to free your cosmetic bag from unnecessary expensive jars and bottles, to put in it a means proven by time. What is useful hemp oil for women, how to use it for cosmetic purposes? It’s easy …

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Blog A Catholic Prayer Book

A Catholic Prayer Book

These booklets can only be sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  This package of 5 booklets is available at a 20% discount for parishes, schools, and other church organizations. For more information, please call 1-888-615-3186. The raising of the heart and mind to God – this traditional definition of prayer sums up what should …

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Blog St. Gregory’s Prayer Book

St. Gregory’s Prayer Book

The St. Gregory’s Prayer Book is a beautifully produced leatherette prayer book compiled by the Ordinariates established by Pope Benedict XVI and drawing on the riches of the Anglican liturgical heritage and the exquisite Cranmerian language of the Book of Common Prayer to further enrich the panoply of Catholic liturgy and devotion. The text includes ancient English collects, …

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Blog Prayers, Verses, Devotions

Prayers, Verses, Devotions

A beautifully printed, Bible paper volume of Newman’s most profound devotional writings. His meditations on the Litany of Loreto for the month of May, and on the Stations of the Cross are already recognized as classics of Catholic spirituality. And in his meditations on Christian doctrine Newman shows that the source of true piety is …

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Blog Why Fading Civil Religion Is Good News for Church Renewal

Why Fading Civil Religion Is Good News for Church Renewal

My husband put this question to me as we walked through our neighborhood. The dog tugged at her leash. On the one hand, it was a startling question, one that seemed to beg an obvious answer. Both of us practice the daily disciplines of prayer and Bible reading. Around the dinner table, our family’s conversation …

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Blog History of Science J

History of Science J

Sonlight’s History of Science course (History Level J) is recommended for students in grades eight through ten. This new course (2018) provides full coverage for Bible, world history, and literature for one school year. Using real books along with the History of Science Instructor’s Guide, students learn about the development and applications of science over the past …

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