Swords against the Millennium

Swords against the Millennium

Swords against the Millennium, edited by Mike Chinn, was co-published by the Alchemy Press and Saladorth Productions in 2000.

The anthology demonstrates once again that heroic fantasy fits the short story format as well as novel length – Mike Chinn and I were thinking of Robert E Howard, Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Michael Moorcock … and other writers and their stories of that ilk. SatM collects eleven stories:

  • “An Embarrassment of Champions” by Chris Morgan
  • “Manslayer” by Simon R Green [reprint]
  • “The Stages of the God” by Ramsey Campbell  [reprint]
  • “The Seventh Sigil” by Cherith Baldry
  • “Dark Destroyer” by Adrian Cole
  • “The Taking” by Stan Nicholls
  • “Demon Slayer” by Pauline E Dungate
  • “Act of Sacrifice” by Paul Lewis
  • “To Catch a Thief” by Lisanne Norman
  • “Nyalis and the Cloud Raiders” by Anne Gay
  • “The Hunger of the Leaves” by Joel Lane

Cover art by Bob Covington; interior artwork by David Bezzina, Alan Hunter and Jim Pitts.

Note: Joel Lane’s story was selected for the year’s best anthologies for horror (edited by Stephen Jones) and fantasy (edited by David G Hartwell).

Swords against the Millennium was originally published in paperback (£9.95) and as a hardcover, signed by all contributors and limited to 200 copies (£25.00).

  • ISBN (paperback) 978-0-9532260-3-0
  • ISBN (hard cover) 978-0-9532260-4-7

Swords Against the Millennium is now out of print.