Description of steroids

Description of steroids

Steroids are common drugs among athletes, bodybuilders, athletes, and swimmers. Many athletes choose androgenic steroids because of their similarity to testosterone, a natural hormone that the body produces. Steroids that are used in the treatment of certain diseases are called corticosteroids and do not have an anabolic effect on a man’s body.

In the male body, steroids are produced preferentially in the male gonads, with a small amount produced by the adrenal glands. Testosterone is typically synthesized from cholesterol. The dough, together with the derivatives, begins to affect different parts of the body. It is they who determine the secondary sexual characteristics in the body, such as hair, rough voice, thick skin, and pronounced musculature. Nowadays, you can buy steroids in almost any online store that sells sports pharmacology. During puberty, the body of a teenager begins 

a change in the hormonal background appears, and therefore acne, acne, general physical development and a significant increase in the genitals in boys appear. Testosterone plays a huge role in the development of a young body and genitals; at a more mature age, the dough also has its effect, but it is no longer as important as during puberty.

Description of steroids

In medicine, testosterone analogs are mainly used, they are mainly used in order to cure some sexual problems and hormonal disruptions in the body The substance is introduced into the body, preferably by injection. Oral medications are also used, but they cause far more liver problems than injectables. This is due to the fact that the drug enters the stomach, from there into the intestines, from where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and enters the liver. It is here that the substance accumulates in large quantities, after which it is carried throughout the body. You can buy steroids for use on the course both in a solo version and in conjunction with a wide variety of steroid drugs. Many drugs have an anabolic effect, and it is much higher than that of testosterone. Among the common drugs are stanozolol, nandrolone , oxymethalone , etc.

All these substances have the same effect as testosterone. All of them retain fluid, sodium, potassium, sulfate in the body, increase muscles after exercise, and also increase libido and aggressiveness. Testosterone preparations, after entering the body, break the closed system of internal regulation, and therefore act on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. As a result, the testes suppress the production of their own testosterone, which further leads to the complete or partial cessation of sperm production. Sometimes, after the drugs have already been canceled, the body’s natural functions are not restored. In the presence of a high level of androgens in the body, it is possible to develop prostate cancer, which progresses very quickly. 

Steroid drugs are the most effective for gaining mass, which is why it is simply necessary to buy steroids for those who want to achieve the maximum effect from training, especially if you follow all the rules for taking them. This assumes that the athlete will only use the drug for a specified amount of time, without fanaticism. It is generally accepted that anabolic steroids should be used alone or in combination for 8-12 weeks with the same break between courses. This technique if you want to type a lot, and to preserve the result does not unfounded, because during a break in 2-3 months, all to gain weight can totally get on there. 

The reason for this use is the erroneous opinion that steroids affect the body only for the first 2-3 weeks, and if they are used often, they will only harm the body. If this were indeed the case, then the field of bodybuilding would not develop at all. If we talk about changes in the body, then they are not so scary and dangerous. If this were true, then most bodybuilders would go to the next world very quickly. 

Athletes who have been acting masters of sports for a long time almost always use something and, as a rule, their courses are continuous, otherwise they would not have won the title that they already have. Nevertheless, steroid drugs must be used correctly and in no case should the recommended dosage be exceeded in each particular case

Oral steroids take effect after a few days, while they literally saturate the body. Their use should be limited to 6-8 weeks, after which it is better to either suspend the course or switch to another oral drug. A combination of several steroid drugs in a moderate dose is not only more effective, but also gives a much longer lasting effect than when using a solo course.

At the end of the cycle, it makes sense to reduce the dosage of the drug. This will significantly regulate the body’s work and prepare it for the end of the drug intake. If everything is done correctly beforehand, the body will not experience stress and will suffer from the fact that the steroid course is over. If you complete it correctly, then there will be no problems with a sharp decline in muscle mass.