How to deal with male potency problems

How to deal with male potency problems

Statistics say that one in five men has problems in the sexual sphere. One of the main ones is a decrease in potency, which is called erectile dysfunction. It may be of several types:

  • Complete absence of erection, when a man simply cannot achieve it;
  • Partial dysfunction – an erection is, but during intercourse it weakens, so there is no ejaculation or orgasm. 

The problem of reduced potency has been known for a long time. It was described even in ancient treatises. Only our ancestors did not understand the main causes of reduced sexual power. Modern scientists have managed to determine what factors cause erectile dysfunction. You can even buy specialized medication to remove the symptoms. You can do this at

How the sexual system of a man is organized

The penis is the main organ of the male sexual system. It is he who is necessary for sexual intercourse and ejaculation. The functioning of the penis is closely connected with the prostate gland, testicles, urinary tract, and nervous system. Anatomically, it is formed by cavernous bodies, which are also called cavernous bodies. An erection occurs in the male penis when there is sexual arousal and the cavernous body fills with blood. It happens with the relaxation of smooth muscles and the expansion of blood vessels due to the release of free nitric oxide and the influence of the parasympathetic system. Being filled with blood during arousal, after ejaculation the sympathetic fibers stimulate the release of norepinephrine, which promotes the outflow of blood from the cavernous body. All this is regulated by the cerebral cortex, so psychogenic causes may be on the list of causes that cause an erection. 

About nutrition

There are certain foods that contain female hormones. For example, milk contains estrogen, which leads to an imbalance of hormones in a man, and will also reduce testosterone levels. We are talking about a natural product, and there is no estrogen at all in skimmed milk. With a large amount of consumed natural milk, the erection will gradually disappear. There is also estrogen in beer. If you like this drink, but you want to keep an erection normal, do not drink more than 500 ml of beer once a week. And you’d better forget about strong drinks as well. 100ml of cognac or 200 ml of wine will be enough not to aggravate your health condition. Alcohol leads to liver disorders, which means that testosterone will turn into estrogen, provoking the occurrence of impotence.

When the first symptoms of impotence occur, it is worth thinking about buying special drugs. In the online pharmacy you can buy all possible pills, stimulating a man, and, by the way, for women, too, there are options. Such pills work from the first dose and fully manifest the desired effect. The most popular among them are three remedies – Viagra known to all, Levitra and the most modern in this group Cialis. You need to take them once a day, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is possible to stop taking drugs to improve the potency at any time, because they are not addictive.