How to beat the bookmaker?

How to beat the bookmaker?

Betting is cognitive and entertaining, and for many people it is a very profitable business. The essence of it is that: the bookmaker offers you to bet, according to the coefficient she sets, that a sporting event will occur. The bookmaker determines the coefficient, from the probability in his opinion of betting, the coefficient may change, but this change will not affect you if you have already made a bet. In the sweepstakes bet may well change regardless of whether you made it or not.

Any bookmaker tries to present as many varieties of sports events as possible for which you can bet. For example, will a goal be scored in a match, provided that there will be a certain number of yellow cards. The most popular sport in sportsbook is football. Most often bets are made on teams of the local district.

If you agreed to the offer of the bookmaker, made a bet and your prediction was correct – you will win, if not, your bookmaker receives your bet.

Good for those people who just play for fun, to make it more interesting to watch the matches of their favorite team. It is quite another thing if a person wants to earn a decent amount with his mind, and specifically jumps. Before rushing into this business chaotically, ask yourself if you need it. The first failures only temper the character of the novice player. No further victories are possible without them. It’s also important to choose good website for betting. This one is a good choice. 

It should be understood that the bookmaker is not just playing with you – he makes money. He does not care if you win or someone else loose. Judging by the fact, the bookmaker earns already when you have made a bet. This all happens theoretically. In practice, everything looks a little different. Bookmakers often use different tricks to get more than the standard percentage.

You have the opportunity to beat other players

You have the opportunity to beat not the bookmaker, but other players who have bet on the opposite of your result. And there are already a lot of options to beat the opponent. This is a trivial intuition, knowledge of professional analysts and even an analysis of the weather forecast on the day of the match. Everything is decided by the information. The more you are aware of certain prerequisites of a match, the more chances you have to beat a less knowledgeable beginner.

A good recipe is a set of minimal information about the sport, the particular game and your intuition, the inner voice, which should play a decisive role in making your final decision. Listen to your inner voice and do not doubt it. As a result, each time the “professionalism” of your intuition will only increase. Your bets must bear a certain harmony, a certain positive.

Naturally, you need to search through more than a dozen pages of information on the Internet. You also need to keep your statistics, buy certain programs, listen to the advice of friends and acquaintances. But even then, when making a bet, you will still feel some sort of dissatisfaction, uncertainty. In any case, it does not make sense to bet on a small coefficient. If you win, you will be enriched with a few pennies, and if you lose, you lose the full bet.

It is recommended that you find one office in which you will feel comfortable. Of course, the coefficients in different offices differ significantly and in order to compare them, you need a certain amount of time. For comparison, take 2-3 offices. No longer do you simply master this task only by a team of professional analysts. Another advantage of the game in one office is that you can always follow the change in odds and not lose a convenient time for betting. Well, if you still open accounts in different offices, you can get certain bonuses that will significantly increase the amount of your capital.
Remember that bookmakers are people too, and they can be wrong. It so happens that the office for one reason or another puts unprofitable odds for itself. Such forks are often about the time of live-matches. If you saw the fork – do not miss the chance to earn a few percent and to really “beat the bookmaker”.